A Guide to Secrid Wallets - What You Need to Know Before You Buy One

Combining Security with Style

In today's society, online payment systems are becoming more prominent. This opens up the possibility of data breaches, leading to your information being susceptible to prying eyes. It is important to stay protected, and RFID blocking wallets are a giant step in the direction of security. How can your information be breached? How do you stay protected? What brands are leading the way in ensuring your security while giving you stylish options? This Secrid Wallet guide will answer these questions and more, security is important, and we at Buchan's want to ensure that you stay informed and safe.

The Insecurities of Cards

RFID or Radio Frequency Identification uses radio frequency to identify and track objects that have special bar codes along with integrated systems having digital information. This technology efficiently speeds up payments, passport checks, and other processes that involve scanning. Most cards have an RFID tag, which can be observed with the logo. Cards enabled with RFID chips can be scanned through the use of data skimming, also known as digital pickpocketing. Even if your cards are safely secured, you are still suspect to have your data stolen. Digital pickpocketers will use RFID readers to analyze and activate the digital cards without you ever noticing the breach of security. It is important to equip yourself with the correct technology to prevent data skimming from happening. Fortunately, the solution to staying protected is quite simple, RFID Wallets ensure that your cards stay protected by blocking the frequency waves from reaching your card. https://www.buchanst.com/how-to-protect-your-credit-card/

The Emergence of RFID Blocking Wallets

The best way to avoid data skimming is through RFID Blocking Wallets. These wallets contain carbon fiber material which prevents the magnetic waves from the scanners from reaching your cards. As a result, all cards in the case will be protected. RFID Scanners can easily scan through your bags or pockets and can access your personal information; therefore, having a wallet with a powerful defense mechanism that can block the scanner is important. RFID blocking technology does not affect the durability of RFID wallets, meaning they will have the same life span as any normal wallet. https://www.buchanst.com/how-do-rfid-wallets-work/

Secrid Wallets

Secrid Wallets Secrid is a Dutch brand specializing in the creation of high-quality wallets. They combine security, fashion, and quality design to create a premier product on the market. All their products are made in Holland and offer RFID Protection with their patented aluminum card protector, which fits up to 5 cards. The cardholder will securely store the cards no matter how you carry the wallet, and the cards will pop up once you pull the lever at the bottom. Secrid Miniwallets and Slimwallets fit up to 9 cards total, while the Twinwallet has two card protectors, fitting up to 14 cards total. These palm-sized wallets will be able to fit in most pockets and will ensure you have your essentials by your side. Secrid includes a 3-year warranty with the purchase of their products, with prices for the wallet ranging from $89.95 - $154.95 CAD. Learn about registering your warranty here. https://www.buchanst.com/secrid-wallet-review/

Using Secrid Wallets

Secrid Wallet with cash and cards While the usage of cash has decreased, Secrid Wallets still allow for the carrying of cash. The aluminum card holder allows for 4-6 cards depending on width. Just slide them in, and use the lever at the bottom to move them out. The wallets also allow for storing up to 2 cards in each leather holder. https://www.buchanst.com/how-to-put-cards-in-secrid-wallets/

Secrid Wallet Size Guide

In its product line, Secrid offers money bands, card protectors, card slides, and wallets. When choosing a Secrid Wallet, you have the option of choosing a Miniwallet, Slimwallet, or Twinwallet. The Miniwallet and Slimwallet both hold up to 9 cards, 5 in the slider, and 2 in each leather holder. The Twinwallet holds up to 14 cards, with 5 in each of the two cases, and 2 in each leather holder. The main difference between the Miniwallet and Slimwallet is the button on the Miniwallet, which the Slimwallet does not possess. The Twinwallet is a lot bulkier due to its twin aluminum cases. The prices for both Slim and Mini wallets start at $89.95, while for the Twinwallet, it starts at $134.95. Secrid Miniwallet, Slimwallet, Twinwallet 


In this Secrid Wallet Guide, you learned about security problems with RFID cards, and the best way to keep your information safe. Secrid Wallets lead the RFID wallet industry with its diverse, stylish, secure, quality product line. The complimentary 3-year warranty included with purchase furthers the argument that owning a Secrid Wallet is a no-brainer. Shop a wide variety of Secrid Wallets and accessories online or in-store at Buchan's Kerrisdale Stationery in Vancouver, Canada.