5 Reasons Why Japanese Stationery Just Makes Sense

Understanding the Popularity Behind Japanese Stationery

Japanese Stationery is a lifestyle. While Japan produces the best stationery products in the market, many people still question the reasons behind its popularity. There are many different answers to this question. Whether it's a longlasting tradition of recognizing penmanship as art or the education of the importance of fine writing, Japan produces the highest quality stationery for consumers. Below, we dive into 5 reasons why perceiving Japanese Stationery as the best just makes sense. [caption id="attachment_13764" align="alignnone" width="750"]Midori MD Paper Midori MD Paper[/caption]

1. Because of History, there is an Appreciation for Fine Writing Materials

Japanese Calligraphy has been a prevalent tradition since the 6th century. In Japan, Handwriting is a form of art, and children become educated in penmanship at very young ages. This leads to a much higher appreciation for the fine writing technique as children age; furthermore, the complexity of Japanese writing calls for quality fine writing instruments in order to properly express the characters. To sum it up, Japan has always emphasized on quality of writing, and for that, they needed the best instruments to convey their expressions. As a result, Japanese Stationery provides the best quality for those who want to focus on having the best writing experience possible. [caption id="attachment_13772" align="alignnone" width="750"]Japanese Calligraphy Japanese Calligraphy[/caption]

2. Products are Technologically Advanced and Created for Maximum Comfort

Japan is well-known for its advancement and innovation in the technology industry; however, this applies to many different manufacturing industries as well, stationery being one of them. Customers demand the highest quality from their stationery, whether its a notebook, pen, journal, or simple paper, Japanese customers expect the highest quality for a flawless writing experience. As a result, the manufacturers must adhere to the requests. Every time you hold a piece of Japanese Stationery, you're holding an instrument that has been meticulously designed to give you the best experience possible. [caption id="attachment_13768" align="alignnone" width="750"]Japanese Stationery Midori Brass Travelers Notebook Midori Brass Writing Instruments and Travelers Notebook[/caption]

3. Stationery Products are High Quality and Made to Last

I previously stated how stationery products from Japan are of high quality to meet consumer demands, but they are also made to last. Using the Traveler's Notebook as an example, the leather cover only improves over time. Consumers demand excellence and manufacturers ensure that they do not cut corners to give us the best experience possible. Whether you're ready to splurge on an expensive pen, or are on a budget, you'll be sure to find a quality item that is guaranteed to last. [caption id="attachment_13770" align="alignnone" width="750"]Travelers Notebook Travelers Notebook[/caption]

4. There is a High Attention to Detail

The Japanese written language requires a lot of detail. One wrong stroke can mean an entirely different thing. This mentality spills over to all aspects of production. Stationery manufacturers focus on the details because mistakes can be monumental; furthermore, the attention to detail allows for writers to limit their mistakes. [caption id="attachment_13767" align="alignnone" width="750"]Japanese Stationery Midori Brass Pencil, Pen, Fountain Pen Midori Brass Writing Instruments and Case[/caption]

5. Stationery Companies Design their Products for Consumers

The Traveler's Notebook is an all-in-one notebook that allows you to customize it based on your needs. Many times we find ourselves with a multitude of different notebooks, journals diaries that don't allow for paper refills, leading us to purchase new products we run out. Many Japanese stationery companies like Midori and Traveler's Company allow you to purchase archival paper refills for your notebooks. Traveler's Company in particular allows you to purchase different styles of refills from weekly planners, to graphed paper. Rather than buying a new notebook every time the paper runs out, you can finally have one that will last a long time; furthermore, especially knowing the quality that the Japanese manufacturers bring to the table, these notebooks can last for life. This is a consumer-focused business plan. The presence of all-in-one notebooks and many more quality products allows consumers to have the best possible writing experience without breaking the bank too much. [caption id="attachment_13763" align="alignnone" width="750"]Japanese Stationery Travelers Notebook Refills Travelers Notebook Refills[/caption]


To conclude, the precedence of a focus on penmanship led to stationery companies focus on manufacturing the highest quality writing instruments and accessories to meet consumer demands; furthermore, an appreciation for fine writing created an industry of admiration towards stationery products. This is why Japanese Stationery just makes sense. Producers carefully design every aspect of every product in order to provide customers with the best writing experience possible. Shop a wide variety of Japanese Stationery online or in-store at Buchan's Kerrisdale Stationery in Vancouver, Canada.