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The 8 Best Fountain Pen Brands for 2021 Selected by Stationery Workers (UPDATED)

  • September 12, 2020
  • Yugo

The Best Fountain Pen Brands

Selecting the best fountain pen for you can be difficult; however, we at Buchan’s have you covered! This guide on the Top 8 Fountain Pen Brands will give you insight into some of the brands making a splash in the fountain pen community, and some of our favorite pens from these brands.


Lamy Studio Fountain Pen Glacier

Founded in 1930, Lamy is a writing instrument brand based in Heidelberg, Germany. They focus on producing pens and notebooks to provide customers with the best writing experience possible. Lamy brings together many different designers from different field to produce and design a modern pen. As a result, Lamy pens are famous for their quality and design.

If you’re looking for a beginner pen, look no further than the Lamy Safari, a fantastic pen for a lower price. The Lamy Studio is a personal favorite of mine, the metallic body is quite sleek, and the writing is smooth and enjoyable. While a more expensive option than the Safari, this is a perfect fountain pen for enthusiasts. I recently got my hands on the Lamy Studio Limited Edition Glacier Fountain Pen, and it has quickly become my favorite pen to use. The slim design, with the modern look, work together to provide a beautiful fountain pen. My favorite quality about Lamy Cartridge-style fountain pens is that you can additionally purchase a converter and pair the pen with any ink you would like.

If you’re looking for the best fountain pen on the market, the Lamy 2000 is the way to go. It holds a built-in piston converter and a 14k carat gold nib which is platinum-coated and hand-polished. The softer gold nib causes a much smoother writing experience, which is quite noticeable to any fountain pen user. The barrel and cap are made from lightweight, durable fiberglass-reinforced polycarbonate resin. While a more expensive option, this is a must-have for any fountain pen enthusiast.


Established in 1911 by Kyugoro Sagata, Sailor Pen Co. was the first company to produce fountain pens in Japan. Sailor is known for their 14k and 21k gold nib fountain pens and their wide variety of stunning fountain pen inks. Sailor’s 21k gold nibs are a staple of the brand, due to them being the only company to produce those types of nibs. These exceptional pens are created by combining innovative technology with Japanese tradition and craftsmanship. 100 years after inception, Sailor Pen Co. continues its mission of creating the finest, most sophisticated fountain pens in the world. All Sailor pens are produced in Hiroshima, maintaining the heritage that these unique, high-quality possess today.

While these pens are more pricy than some other brands on this list, many stationery enthusiasts believe that Sailor produces the best nibs on the market.  The Sailor 1911 is an essential pen to add to your fountain pen collection. The gold nib is a joy to write with; furthermore, the quality craftsmanship of the pen is immediately noticeable the second it touches your hand.



TWSBI is a Taiwanese fountain pen brand known for its ability to create piston-filling fountain pens at affordable prices. They focus on creating modern-looking fountain pens by using vibrant colors along with clear bodies. After purchasing the Diamond 580 ALR, I immediately fell in love with the German made JoWo nib and the pen’s ink capacity (My full review here).

The TWSBI ECO Fountain pen is a must-have for any pen-lover who wishes for a piston-filling fountain pen without breaking the bank. For the mid 40CAD pen, the quality is outstanding with the same JoWo nib, high ink capacity, and an easy to use piston-filling system. Additionally, each TWSBI product comes with a wrench and bear grease to help with the piston. Overall the TWSBI ECO is great for people looking to enter the fountain pen market. Their wide variety of colors and the ability to use any ink is a huge selling point. As a result, I’d definitely recommend this pen for anyone (My review on the TWSBI ECO here).


Platinum Century Fountain Pen
Established in 1919, Platinum is a Japanese pen company with all products made in Japan. If you are unsure what makes Japanese stationery so appealing, check out this blog post detailing what sets them apart from other stationery categories. Their Platinum PLAISIR pens are the perfect pens for any beginner. They’re inexpensive, high-quality, and come in a vibrant variety of colors. The PLAISIR may not make a splash in your fountain pen collection; however, it is perfect for people who want to experience fountain pens without breaking the bank for them. The Platinum Century is one of Platinum’s premier fountain pens, with a 14k carat nib and a patented slip & seal nib which can keep the ink from drying for 2 years; furthermore, Platinum offers a 1-year warranty for this pen. Overall, the Century is a fantastic pen and being Japanese, you know the quality will be immaculate.


Diplomat Aero Orange Black Fountain Pen
Another German brand, Diplomat offers high-quality pens of different styles. While they have a more classic take on fountain pens, the writing quality of their pens is one of the best on the market. All their pens are manufactured and manually tested to ensure that the products reaching customers are that of the highest standard. Using metal as their manufacturing material, you’ll rest easy knowing these fountain pens are made to last.

The Diplomat Aero series offers smooth lines on a sleek, streamlined, metal body. Pens in the Diplomat Aero series are heavier than others. As a result, this may deter some enthusiasts; however, the balance throughout the body makes up for the added weight, still leaving an overall nice feeling. The all-new limited edition Diplomat ART 01 and Diplomat ART 02 fountain pens are two of my favorite looking pens on the market. Their interesting color designs, the slimmer look, and the chiseled polished stainless steel nib make for an amazing fountain pen.


Kaweco AL SPORT Fountain Pen Rose Gold
Kaweco is another German brand that offers fountain pens for all price points. Their Kaweco Sport Series offers affordable options for fountain pen beginners. Kaweco makes pocket-sized fountain pens to increase their portability. Kaweco fountain pens are perfect to carry around with you as you go on with your daily business. The wide variety of colors and materials only adds on to the appeal of the pen. Kaweco also offers a 2-year warranty on their pens with lifetime repair. Overall, Kaweco is doing a fantastic job in the fountain pen market for its ability to create quality pens for all enthusiasts no matter the skill.


Parker Pen Sonnet Fountain Pen

Ever since Goerge Safford Parker created the first fountain pen, Parker, a long lived English Brand, is one of the most iconic names in the fountain pen industry. When you think Parker, you think reliability in their pens. There’s not much to say about Parker that hasn’t been said. With popular product lines like Jotter, Sonnet, and Premier, it is obvious to see the evolution of Parker Pens. Their driving philosophy is “It will always be possible to make a better pen.” Parker continuously sets new styles and standards for other pen manufacturers to follow. Read more about their story here:


Cross Pen Medalist Fountain Pen

Like Parker, Cross is another iconic, traditional name in the pen industry, creating their first pen in 1846. Their pens have a lifetime warranty, which is an amazing feature for any brand to have. Cross ensures that their pens are of the highest quality, and guarantees it. Brands like Cross are reliable; furthermore, their classic style only encourages fountain pen purists to acquire a Cross piece. Cross’ wide variety of quality fountain pens and lifetime warranty make them an intriguing brand to buy a fountain pen from.


These 8 brands are one of the best fountain pen brands out on the market.

Their wide variety of product lines appeal to any budget, without fear of sacrificing quality. Whether you’re looking for a premier fountain pen to add to your collection, or just beginning to discover the beautiful world of fountain pens, this post offers a comprehensive guide on understanding what brand is for you. For the best variety of different fountain pens, shop online or in-store at Buchan’s Kerrisdale Stationery in Vancouver, Canada.


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