NEVA PALETTE ST. PETERSBURG - MASTERCLASS Extra Fine Artists' Tempra Colors - 12 Tubes x 18ml - Buchan's Kerrisdale Stationery

NEVA PALETTE ST. PETERSBURG - MASTERCLASS Extra Fine Artists' Tempra Colors - 12 Tubes x 18ml

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Neva Palette - St. Petersburg

For 85 years, the Nevskaya Palitra Artistic Paints Plant has been producing high-quality products for professional artists and art lovers. Today we are the only Russian company with a full cycle of production of professional art materials.

The enterprise was founded in 1934 - based at the small paints and coatings factory built by Julius Friedlander, the English technologist in 1900 on the embankment of river Chernaya. On December 1, 1934, in accordance with the order of G.K. Ordzhonikidze, the Leningrad Artistic Paints Plant of the All-Russian Association of the paints and coatings industry entered the list of operating factories.

The Nevskaya Palitra Plant produces a wide range of products, including watercolors, oil, tempera, and acrylics paints, gouache, products for children's crafts, as well as additional materials for painting, and decorative and applied arts.

Masterclass Series

Master Class is a range of professional artistic paints developed for painting masters who value individual style and long lifespans for their paintings.

The time-tested unique formulae, traditional manufacturing technologies and quality control at every stage of production mean that the paints can be used for the most important artworks.
Master Class professional artistic paints are made using high-quality pigments (including our own pigments: earth colors, cadmium and cobalt) and carefully selected binders. All oil, watercolor and gouache paints contain a high concentration of pigment, which ensures purity and depth of color and produces spectacular hues when they are mixed together. Most of the paints are single-pigment and light-resistant.

Masterclass Series Benefits

Fine paints with high concentration of pigment
Based on processed linseed oil
Unique and original shades

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