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Countless cultures and inventions were created by a pen.

A myriad of cultures and inventions were born from a pen. A pen is an extension of yourself, and we know how important it is to you. This is why we select our pens based on their function, usability, design, and brand philosophy. We carry numerous pen brands from many countries including Japan, Germany, France, USA, Canada, and beyond.

We offer a variety of high-end to budget-friendly products with stunning quality as everybody deserves an incredible pen! A necessary tool to have, we ensure that you are receiving the highest quality of experience with your own instrument.

We offer all sorts of pens including:

・Fountain Pen
・Ballpoint Pen
・Rollerball Pen
・Mechanical Pencil
・Gel Ink Pen and so on.

Shop Online or Visit our store in Vancouver to view our wide range of carefully selected pens, and find your favourite pen.

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