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Noodler’s Ink Review and Ink Swatches

About Noodler’s Ink 100% Made in America (U.S.A.) from Cap, to Glass, to Ink. The company prides themselves on being a cost effective ink. Iconically filling their ink bottles to the absolute brim. Promoting their trademark production as affordable for all, moving away from a luxury notion of exclusivity when it comes to fountain pen […]

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Ferris Wheel Press Ink Review by a Stationery Worker (with Ink Swatches)

This is a review of Ferris Wheel Press inks with a break down of first impressions and general observations. Including pictures, and swatches of their extensive ink collections.  About Ferris Wheel Press Ferris Wheel Press is a Canadian design and stationery company originating out of Markham, Ontario, Canada.  Besides the inks, they make a number […]

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Pen Review: The New TWSBI Diamond 580ALR Prussian Blue Fountain Pen

  • August 7, 2020
  • Yugo

TWSBI Diamond 580ALR Prussian Blue Fountain Pen Review TWSBI recently released a new “Prussian Blue” colorway of their Diamond 580 Fountain Pen Series. While a more expensive option than the TWSBI ECO, there are many favorable qualities about this fountain pen. Retailing at 88.49 CAD, here are my thoughts on the TWSBI Diamond 580ALR Prussian […]

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Our New Arrival CAP Indigenous Art Puzzles

  • March 21, 2020
  • Yugo

We have received CAP indigenous art puzzles at the store in Vancouver!! New Arrival Indigenous Art Puzzles from CAP Indigenous Collection are finally here!! If you aren’t exercising enough because gyms are closed, how about exercise your brain?? These 1000PC puzzles are a great way to entertain yourself at home! Pictures of puzzles are designed […]

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3 Reasons Comic Art Figurines by Forchino are a Unique Gift

3 Reasons Comic Art Figurines by Forchino are a Unique Gift People receive many gifts through their life, but how many gifts do you remember? and what do you remember? I would say most of the gifts you remember are unique. But really, it takes long time to find such a gift unless you are […]

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Secrid Mini Wallet vs Slim Wallet

Secrid is the manufacturer of the best Slim and Mini wallets. Many features make the Secrid wallets favorite for many people. Below are the best features of their wallets. Slide Feature Environmental Friendly Design and Innovation Good Quality of Products Secrid offers a wide range of wallets in many colors and designs. Since the start […]

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