Brand Story – Paperblanks

Paperblanks brand is the producer of quality journals in Canada. The journals are beautiful, well constructed, and bound using traditional techniques. The bindings are not glued, instead, they are stitched. Even gluing the pages is very economical. To limit the loss of pages, the company opted for the traditional way of stitching the pages of the journals. History of Paperblanks Brand In the early 1990s, Marks, along with Supriti Bharma,

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Brand Story – Patience Brewster

Named after the founder, Patience Brewster is a company that focuses on finely detailed holiday ornaments and hand-painted handcrafted gifts. Mackenzie-child acquired the company in the process of expanding the collections. Under the new company also Patience Brewster brand continues to create its original designs in the traditional ways. History of Patience Brewster Artist Patience Brewster is known for creating wonderful and charming characters that are captured in her hand-made

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Brand Story – Jim Shore

Jim is a legend in gift-ware industry and always an inspiration for retailers and consumers. Jim’s style combines a diverse coloration palette with timeless figure drawn from images of American and European folk-art forms. His fresh new interpretation of traditional motifs has international appeal and works with a variety of themes and formats, including Jim’s successful partnerships with iconic brands like Disney, Peanuts, Coca Cola, and, most recently, The Grinch.

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Brand Story – Leuchtturm1917

Experience and consistency are essential requirements for getting quality ideas, which give a strong foundation for development. The Founders of the LEUCHTTURM1917 brand are convinced about the fact that even smaller details can make big differences. Started in Hamburg Started as a family business in Hamburg, Leuchtturm has been included in the exclusive Deutsche Standards directory for many decades along with the famous Mercedes Benz and BMW. The quality of

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Brand Story – Parker Pens

For over a century, Parker Pens have been recognized for their quality, style, and precision writing. The numerous pens of Parker and the innovations have made the company to make a reputation in public. However, it took many years of determination and dedication of the founder George Parker to achieve success. History of Parker Pens Company Parker Pen Company was founded in 1888 in Janesville with an aim to reduce

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Brand Story – Moleskine

To bring back the legendary notebooks used by artists and thinkers of the last two decades, such as Vincent van Gogh, Picasso, Ernest Hemingway, and Bruce Chatwin, Moleskine brand was created. Today Moleskine has a vast number of products such as paper objects, notebooks, bags, travel accessories, and writing tools. The outcomes of Moleskine connect the visionaries of the past with the makers of the future. History of Moleskine Started

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Brand Story – Rhodia

Rhodia is known for its quality, standards, and timeless designs of Notebooks and pads. The company is closely related to innovation and creativity, coupled with traditions. The pads designed are favorite among most of the writers, artists, designers, and people who like to write on the graph paper. These notebooks are used for hand drafting, sketching, and notes. History of Rhodia Rhodia originated as a part of the family business,

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Brand Story – Caran D Ache

Founded in 1915, Caran D Ache is the only manufacturer of luxury writing instruments in Switzerland. Designed and developed in Geneva, the company is known for a range of gold jeweled pens, lighters, wallets, and other accessories. The products are made by hand by combining traditional craftsmanship and modern manufacturing techniques. The products are made of high quality as expected from a Swiss manufacturer. The History The natural material found

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Brand Story – The Comic Art of Guillermo Forchino

Guillermo Forchino experiments with various materials to make the comic figure arts. At first, the figures were made by wrapping bands of cloth and the visible parts of the body are made of wax and coloured with natural pigments. The art always resembles comic cartoon characters with unusual and humorous subjects. These figures are entirely handmade and handpainted by skilled artisans in the far east. The History of Guillermo Forchino

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Brand Story – Lug

Versatility is the key to design new bags. Lug combines fashionable colours and prints with functional and thoughtfully detailed bags for women. Lug’s mission is to help the customers stay organized and enjoy every bright and colourful moment of life. Each bag is designed carefully, crafted with a purpose and quality workmanship. The Creative History Founded in 2005 by Ami and Jason Richter in Toronto, Canada Lug was formed with

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