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A Beginner's Guide to Calligraphy Pens - Buchan Stationery
A Beginner’s Guide to Calligraphy Pens

Flowing lines and the curves of calligraphy pens give a feeling of inspiration, joy, and creativity. You must be careful…

Tombow Logo - Buchan Stationery
Brand Story – Tombow

Since 1913, Tombow has been passionate about offering the most innovative and finest executive pens, office, arts, and crafts products…

Brand Story Hugo Boss - Buchan Stationery
Brand Story – Hugo Boss

Hugo-Boss is one of the leading companies in the apparel segments and writing instruments. The company has over 15,000 employees,…

Paperblanks brand - Buchan Stationery
Brand Story – Paperblanks

Paperblanks brand is the producer of quality journals in Canada. The journals are beautiful, well constructed, and bound using traditional…

Brand Story Patience Brewster - Buchan's Stationery
Brand Story – Patience Brewster

Named after the founder, Patience Brewster is a company that focuses on finely detailed holiday ornaments and hand-painted handcrafted gifts.…

Jim Shore - Buchan Kerrisdale Stationery
Brand Story – Jim Shore

Jim is a legend in gift-ware industry and always an inspiration for retailers and consumers. Jim's style combines a diverse…

LAMY Releases Limited Edition Dialog 3 Urushi Fountain Pens - Buchan Kerrisdale Stationery
LAMY Limited Edition Dialog 3 Urushi Fountain Pens

Urushi is a natural lacquer material full of contrasts and used for making crafts and arts in East Asia. This…

Leuchtturm1917 - Buchan Kerrisdale Stationery
Brand Story – Leuchtturm1917

Experience and consistency are essential requirements for getting quality ideas, which give a strong foundation for development. The Founders of…

Brand Story Parker Pens - Buchan's Kerrisdale Stationery
Brand Story – Parker Pens

For over a century, Parker Pens have been recognized for their quality, style, and precision writing. The numerous pens of…

Moleskine - Buchan Stationery
Brand Story – Moleskine

To bring back the legendary notebooks used by artists and thinkers of the last two decades, such as Vincent van…

Brand Story Rhodia - Buchan Stationery
Brand Story – Rhodia

Rhodia is known for its quality, standards, and timeless designs of Notebooks and pads. The company is closely related to…

Brand Story - Caran D Ache - Buchan Stationery
Brand Story – Caran D Ache

Founded in 1915, Caran D Ache is the only manufacturer of luxury writing instruments in Switzerland. Designed and developed in…

Brand Story - The Comic Art of Guillermo Forchino
Brand Story – The Comic Art of Guillermo Forchino

Guillermo Forchino experiments with various materials to make the comic figure arts. At first, the figures were made by wrapping…

Lug Brand - Buchan Stationery
Brand Story – Lug

Versatility is the key to design new bags. Lug combines fashionable colours and prints with functional and thoughtfully detailed bags…

Cross Brand Story - Buchan Stationery
Brand Story – A. T. Cross

Cross brand is trusted worldwide for its distinctive style and superior quality. The luxury writing instruments and accessories have been…

Lamy Brand - Buchan Kerrisdale Stationery
Brand Story – Lamy

The Lamy brand stands for high-quality designer pens defined by their timeless new aesthetics and perfect functionality. The success story…

Secrid Brand - Buchan Stationery
Brand Story – Secrid

Secrid pocket essentials are made by combining Fashion with Industrial design. Its World famous Wallets are specially made in Holland…

10 Best pens for Back to School - Buchan Stationery
10 Best Pens for Back to School

Schools are starting, and people are busy purchasing their back to school supplies. Picking up a pen is not that…

Best Fountain Pens - Buchan Stationery
Best Fountain Pens

Fountain pens are classy and make a statement after writing. Writing with fountain pens is considered to be some form…

The Ultimate Back to School Supplies Online List for 2019 - Buchan Kerrisdale Stationery
The Ultimate Back to School Supplies List for 2019

We all know that back to school supplies shopping is a bit tough job, especially when your little ones are…

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